All speakers must register for the 12th AHRA Conference This Thing Called Theory.


Registration rates and link to the payment page are available here.


For questions regarding how to register please email Katie Johnson.  

E:  [email protected]


Included in the conference Registration:

•Conference programme;

•Book of Abstracts;

•One copy of the book Industries of Architecture (edited by Katie Lloyd Thomas, Tilo Amhoff, Nick Beech, Routledge 2016), part of the AHRA conference series Critiques published by Routledge ;

•One issue of the AHRA journal Architecture and Culture;

•Admission to all paper sessions;

•Admission to the AHRA Open Meeting in the afternoon of Thursday 19th November 2015;

•Admission to the Exhibitors Area;

•Admission to the Introductory Talk and to all the Keynote Talks;

•Refreshments and lunches on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st November 2015.


Not included in the conference Registration:

•Hotel accommodation. A list of hotels in central Leeds will be published on the conference website).

•Conference Dinner. Bookable here.

Book your dinner by November 1st, 2015.



Registration Confirmation


A confirmation of your registration will be sent to you via email immediately upon completing your registration online. The confirmation will come from the AHRA Conference online registration system.


Please email Katie Johnson for questions regarding how to register.

E:  [email protected]



AHRA Membership


The Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA) is a non-profit academic organisation that provides an inclusive and comprehensive network for researchers in architectural humanities across the UK and overseas. It promotes, supports, develops and disseminates high-quality research in the areas of architectural history, theory, culture, design and urbanism.


AHRA Membership is free.

Please join AHRA at <>



Refunds and Cancellations


The registration fee paid by speakers is their commitment of non-refundable participation.








Revised Abstract Submissions


Speakers are asked to submit a revised abstract of their paper to the conference committee by 6th September 2015.


Revised abstract requirements.


The revised abstract must contain:

•Author’s name

•Paper Title

•Abstract of max. 300 words, divided in three sections of 100 words each, organized as follows:

introduction to the cultural/architectural context of the paper’s topic (100 words);

main content of the paper and key examples and/or reference used in the paper (100 words);

key argument of the paper and its response to the conference theme (100 words).


This structure will enable us to organize clearly themed conference sessions, and to publish an equally clear Book of Abstracts.

It will also enable wider conversations and debates at the conference.

Please comply with this requirement.


The revised abstract of 300 words must be emailed in a Word Document attachment to:


Teresa Stoppani      [email protected]

Giorgio Ponzo          [email protected]

Doreen Bernath       [email protected]



Full Paper Submission


To support the preparation of your conference paper, we wish to convey the common experience of the readers of the abstracts we have received. We do this in order that the conference is as successful as possible.


We had a complex system of reading and double reading to select papers, but we found that there was a certain general problem which was present not only in papers which we turned down, but also in many of the papers which we have selected.


We are very mindful that the time allotted to papers is 20 minutes, and we all know from experience that this is much less time than contributors often expect.

We have all seen situations where speakers exhaust their 20 minutes without even getting to the central argument of their paper.


Given that this is a large conference, which will be difficult enough to keep on time, we will be forced to be ruthless at curtailing the delivery of papers after their 20 minutes.


We want contributors to think about this before they write the paper so that they do not suffer the frustration of feeling they were not given an ample opportunity to deliver their paper.


Many of the abstracts we received were extraordinarily abstract and the scope was extraordinarily broad to fit the format of a 20-minute conference presentation.

Given the crowded and lengthy sessions, it is vital that conference speakers produce a paper which is designed for 20 minutes, rather than a paper which is designed for an hour but delivered at breakneck speed.

(Indeed, we think that an audience under the conditions of a conference have a limited capacity to follow, let alone be gripped by remorseless abstraction.)


We invite contributors to address this problem, and seek to represent a small detail of their topic and suggest that it is characteristic of a larger whole.


We feel that those papers which are judged by audiences to be the best papers will undoubtedly be those which have carefully considered this literary and compositional problem, beyond and beside the undoubted quality of the contents and argument of the paper.


We therefore ask all conference speakers to submit a

300-word (max) revised paper abstract by 6th September 2015

(see guidelines above), and a

2300-word (max) complete draft of their paper to by 1st October 2015.


The 2300-word paper for conference presentation should contain:

•Introduction of the main argument. Keep the introduction brief and to the point, i.e. focused.

•Presentation of the argument. Make sure that the structure of your argument is clearly conveyed to your audience. Short and simple sentences usually help convey a complex argument clearly.




Presenting Your Paper


You must present your paper in person, at the conference, to be included in the session.


If you must cancel, please notify the Conference Committee immediately.


Only the author(s) are allowed to present their work at the conference.

Reading the paper by other, pre-recorded presentation, or remote live streaming of presentations are not acceptable.






Please email any member of the Conference Organizing Committee:



Teresa Stoppani                        [email protected]

Giorgio Ponzo                           [email protected]

Doreen Bernath                        [email protected]

George Themistokleous          [email protected]

Braden Engel                             [email protected]












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